• Flexible Presentation Contents – The VPresenter enables the support of a wide variety of Input sources, ranging from Laptops, Visualisers to DVD and Standard Video Playbacks, to be captured On-The-Fly, and digitized.
  • Live Capture – Using your preferred brand of Standard Definition, High Performance Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera, capture the presenter’s video, live and digitized.
  • Same Physical Encoder – Both Presentation Content and Lecturer Video, is captured by the same encoder, reducing the need for multiple hardware to perform the same actions.
  • Power Efficiency – A non–PC based Power-over-Ethernet capture recorder provides the same performance with lesser power consumed, translating to a higher operational cost savings.


  • Time to Publish – You can review a recorded 1 hour lecture event, as soon as 10 minutes after the end of lecture!
  • Support for Popular LMS – A wide variety of Learning Management Systems can be supported.
  • Central Management – Web Portal based offers the ease of management across all connected Encoder/Server devices, for status monitoring and administrative management, including Start/Stop of Lecture Recording Sessions.
  • Direct Encoder Control – Third Party Control systems will be able to directly control the Encoder to activate Start/Stop of Lecture Capture.
  • Customizable Video Portal – A Web Portal with a highly customizable web user interface, provides an alternative to allow students to access, review and playback the captured lessons, search for recordings etc.
  • Automation – automate the entire recording process, by having a recording schedule populated according to your room booking system, or a booking template.
  • Secured Access – Possibly connected to the student database, students will be able to directly log in to the system, and based on access rights, have only the relevant content listed for their review.
  • Fully Scalable – Completely Scalable and Expandable, as long as the network permits.
  • Multicast – distributes live videos and presentations with only a single upstream.
  • Multi-Unicast – Reach out to thousands of viewers globally using our RECAST Technology, with just a single LIVE Stream.

Play Back

  • Live Session View – if you can’t make it for the lecture, you can log into the portal, and view the lecture recording session, LIVE.
  • Viewing Compatibility – Recording Playback, works across the widest variety of browsers such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer etc.
  • Multiple Layout Views – Toggle between different layouts during the playback to suit every user’s specific needs.
  • APP-less Support – No separate application required for viewing on mobile devices.
  • Thumbnails – Presentation slides are offered as thumbnails at the bottom to serve as preview and quick selection.
  • Character Recognition – Perform Keyword Searches across the Presentation Contents within a single presentation, using the latest Character Recognition Engine available yet.
  • Simple Video Editing Interface – Web-based browser allows presenters to make quick amendments and changes to the views before publishing them.