Octal SD Input Capture Card

The Radium-I4 Octal SD Input Capture Card provides up to 8 independent Standard Definition PAL / NTSC / SECAM video captures in both composite and s-video formats. Providing up to 480MB/s of transfer bandwidth, video performance is at its best.

Directly capturing all 8 Standard Definition Video Sources in real time from DVD Players, Cameras, Set-Top boxes etc, the Radium-I4 directly transfers the captured data to the Radium-O4 Quad HD Output Cards, dramatically increasing the performance of Video Playback performance.

This unparalleled performance allows the Radium Videowall Systems to host an entire suite of software features, placing it firmly into a class of its own.

Functional features:

  • High Performance DMA Direct Graphics Memory
  • On Board Processor for Real Time Sync/Mode Detection
  • Dynamic Input Source Selection
  • S-Video / CVBS Source Support
  • Max Data Rate of 480 MB/s
  • Intelligent Video Data Management


  • Form Factor: PCI Express x4 Plug-In Card
  • Card Size: 110 (H) x 170 (D) mm
  • Connectors: 2 x D-Sub Type Connector (SD)
  • Resolution: SD – up to 576p
  • Sampling: Video -16 bits per pixel
  • Data Rates: Max @ 480MB/s
  • Curr @ +3.3V: 0.25A
  • Curr @ +12V: 0.6A (Peak)
  • Max Power: 8 Watts
  • Temperature:
    • 0°C ~ 35°C (Operating Temperature)
    • -20°C ~ +70°C (Storage Temperature)
  • MTBF: 60,000 Hours
  • Origin: Made in UK


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