Video Capture Cards, Graphics Cards and Multi Screen Solutions
Datapath Limited is a world leading innovator in the field of video graphics, video capture and video wall display technology.

Video Capture Cards
Datapath have developed a sizeable portfolio of capture cards providing HD video capture or HDMI capture capabilites as well as a number of high resolution video capture modes including 3G-SDI, HD-SDI and Dual Link DVI. Whether you are looking for a video capture solution for streaming, recording or presentation applications we’ll have a solution to suit your needs. With requirements for high quality capture cards continously increasing, Datapath is responding by offering new improved innovative products at regular intervals.

Datapath’s expertise, quality focus and dedicated customer support helps us provide solid, high-reliability solutions, covering multiple industries such as visual media, military, education, security and health care. Our extensive product range provides solutions for many wide and varied applications including: display wall controller hardware and software, multi display desktop applications, multiple video overlay window applications, RGB/ VGA video capture hardware and RGB streaming.

Our support team has a vast amount of experience to provide a high level of support and service, covering all our products from the video capture cards to the multi display wall controllers. Contact our team with any questions you may have. During the support process you may be asked by our support staff to carry out certain tasks and procedures to assist them in solving your problems.