Sirius VMS provides critical video distribution, viewing of IP-based videos over secured networks, coupled with a detailed, automated organization and management system which simplifies complex video management and monitoring for large systems, reducing the amount of headcount needed for daily operations. Designed to be integrated alongside other sub-systems, the Sirius VMS boasts a new level of integration capabilities that allows the Sirius to either be a standalone system, or be incorporated into a larger system for a true integrated experience.

System Automation:
Automation is the key. System Robustness is critical and that is what the Sirius VMS is purpose built for. Hardened Management and Distribution Systems were tested under extreme conditions and system loads to ensure that they will never fail when they are needed the most.

Secured, Network Friendly:
Often the IT administrator’s nightmare, Sirius VMS were designed and built by network administrative professionals. The Sirius VMS is highly adaptable to a large variety of LAN/WAN/Public Internet topologies, and possesses a large variety of secured encryption protocols purpose built for security, reliability and manageability. Custom features can be requested and custom built into the Sirius VMS to handle unique IT Network requests, effectively addressing the IT administrators’ concerns.

Scalability and Sustainability:
Scalability translates indirectly to cost savings and that’s what the Sirius VMS possess. An innovative, unified workflow capability eliminates the need for separate client-specific encoders and servers, saving on capital investments and operating expenses. You do not need to be locked into a specific Video Player Client or Protocol Technology.

In unique environments where different VMS are in place and operated concurrently, the Sirius VMS takes over as the single point of control across the different VMS engines currently in place. Our proprietary Camera Control Gateway System provides interfacing controls for various types of IP or Analog based cameras, and translates VMS generic controls into native camera controls specific to each and every VMS. The Sirius VMS unifies control into a single, simplified portal for efficient usage and operations.

Freedom and Flexibility:
Every different organization has their own operating preferences, and we recognize their workflow preferences. The Sirius VMS has both Web-based and Windows User Interfaces available for administrative usage.

The Windows based User experience can be installed in either remote or local workstations, effectively removing geographical boundaries. The Web-based user experiences offer “Anytime, Anywhere” access to the Video Management System. Not having access to that workstation is no longer a valid excuse.